let's face it...your internet isn't as good as it should be

welink is the solution.

Most home internet providers are a huge hassle! You’re paying all this money for a connection — shouldn’t it work when you need it?

Slow Speeds & Data Caps

The speed you’re getting doesn’t match what was advertised… (and what you’re paying for!)

Too Much Money

Doesn’t it seem like you pay a lot for what you get? Don’t even get us started on all the hidden fees and extras.

It Just Doesn't Work

It seems like your connection works great when you are right by the router, but why can’t you stream a movie in your bedroom?

an internet provider for all of us

together, we can build a better internet.

WeLink was created as a way to take access to high-speed internet back into our hands and control as customers. Our neighborhood networks provide lightning fast high-speed internet access, with affordability and amazing customer service to match.

Experience the difference with our Wireless Fiber service.

Welink is fast

how fast is "fast" ?

Our Wireless Fiber delivers top-of-the-line speeds with business-class reliability to your neighborhood. Residential Internet has never been this good.

We know you might be thinking...

"But how fast is that...really?"

18.7 Mbps
Up to 400 Mbps
*Source: Akamai State of the Internet / Connectivity Report
**Offers, speeds, and availability may vary by market and are subject to change
the big monopolies can't touch this

local service

Our Wireless Fiber WiFi keeps communities connected.
we care more about you than our bottom line

reasonably priced

We're breaking up the monopolies. Get the fastest speed for a fair price.
transparency is the new cool

zero gimmicks

No hidden fees or loopholes— none...nope...nada.
we know you're going to love your internet

happiness guaranteed

Peace of mind with our 30-day Connection Satisfaction Guarantee
people love welink

happy customers

Best internet ever

"WeLink is hands down the best internet I’ve ever had! They put Google pucks in my home and my internet is fantastic wherever you are in my house. I haven’t had an outage or any interruptions and the price point is amazing. I couldn’t be happier!"

jeff C.

Saving a ton of money

“The difference between WeLink and my previous service is literally night and day. I cannot express how impressed I am without yelling! My neighbors are jealous because their kids are streaming everything and I’m always bragging about my lightning fast connection. It’s awesome!”

tanner m.

Let's link up and get you connected!

Go ahead and make the switch to a better internet provider.

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