about us

we love the internet.

The internet has become the backbone for everything we do. Our productivity, entertainment, education, even our appliances rely on a quality connection to a high-speed internet service.

Just like you, we’ve experienced spotty, overpriced service. And when the internet goes down, our whole world grinds to a halt.

The quest for a more connected world

WeLink Communications was started by a team of network geeks, and man, we LOVE the internet. We obsess over things like IP addresses, redundancies, cyber security protocols, and download speed.

We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had access to a high-speed connection all the time... we could work better, communicate easier, and learn faster. This passion has driven our mission of bringing better internet connection to the world.

Solving the “last-mile” internet problem

In the majority of U.S. cities, limitless connection speed exists, just not close by. The struggle of getting that connection to your house or business is called the “last-mile” problem— only a few monopolies have the resources and infrastructure to get that connection the last mile to your house.

Unfortunately, these big monopolies care more about their bottom line than providing a great service. So, we’re taking the power out of their hands and bringing it to you and your neighbors through our “neighborhood network” model.

We’re better WHEN we link together

WeLink is different because our infrastructure isn’t built and owned by our shareholders or a giant bank…it’s built and owned by our customers! Our wireless fiber brings the speed to the area, and our Neighborhood Network distributes that coverage to YOU.

Don’t you think everyone deserves a great connection, with freedom to access and stream what they want? We do, too.

If you have the need for speed (and want it at a fair and reasonable price), you’re in the right place!

Internet has never been this good.